CRM Salesforce Fundamentals

The course introduces the fundamentals of CRM platforms and the Salesforce ecosystem.

Start Date

Jun. 23, 2022 Sign up by Jun 5, 2022
10 Weeks
Live + Self-Guided Learning
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With the Elevate Talent CRM Salesforce Fundamentals learners will work through case studies and practical challenges so participants can learn and apply best-practice administrator skills. These skills range from setting up an organization and users to leveraging Salesforce applications, automating processes, and producing best-practice reporting dashboards. Participants will  also work through topics that are aligned with the Salesforce Administrator certification exam

What You'll Learn

As well as learning content that will prepare participants to take the Salesforce Administrator Exam, they will also:

  • Identify key Salesforce administrator features for setup, activity management, enterprise collaboration, customisation, and key security protocols.
  • Demonstrate the ability to customize objects and outline critical data-management considerations
  • Identify sales and marketing capabilities of Salesforce, and implement processes to automate and manage campaigns efficiently
  • Apply fundamental knowledge of Salesforce’s analytics capabilities to inform and support organizational decisions and goals

Course Outline

  • 10 weeks of online training
  • 3 hours per week of live learning in morning/afternoon, 2 days per week
  • 8-10 hours per week of assignments (self-paced) learning
  • Up to 2 hours of live success program sessions
  • Demo Day on the last week of the program where participants will present the project they completed in the course to a panel of industry experts and potential hiring managers

Career Prospects

Salesforce Administrator

  • Currently 6,000+ related roles in Canada
  • Works within a business to set up and manage the Salesforce environment and helps employees as they use the CRM platform

Salesforce Consultant

  • Currently 2,000+ related roles in Canada
  • Works with consulting companies to set up the Salesforce platform for other businesses and help them effectively use the CRM platform

Take your first step on a rewarding career in tech with Elevate Talent’s CRM Salesforce Fundamentals program in partnership with Salesforce.