At Elevate, we unite the world’s innovators to solve society’s greatest challenges as Canadian leaders of change.

About Elevate

Our Mission

Elevate is on a mission to unite Canada's innovators to solve society's greatest challenges. We believe technology holds the incredible potential to transform the world for the better. Elevate connects global icons, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, policymakers and students to help solve complex social problems.

Founding Story

Founded in 2017 as a not-for-profit organization, Elevate produced its inaugural tech and innovation festival in under 90 days. Over 95 partners – community, corporate, investors, founders and government – came together to unite the brightest minds around the world looking to build a better future for society.

The Elevate Technology Festival became the world’s fastest-growing tech and innovation festival. In 2019, the third annual festival saw 30,000 guests, 350 speakers, and 150 partners, welcoming global icons like former first lady Michelle Obama, businesswoman Martha Stewart, Commander Chris Hadfield, VP Al Gore, and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

About Elevate
Technology has the potential to solve the world's problems, but we know that innovation alone isn't enough. We believe that a collaborative effort among world leaders, celebrities, innovators and students, and policy makers and entrepreneurs, is the key to addressing and finding solutions to complex issues.
Lisa Zarzeczny
CEO of Elevate

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