Elevate Talent FAQs

I'm currently enrolled in the Elevate Talent program. What does that mean for me?

All current programs will run according to schedule and there will be no changes to your live
You can still reach out to the Elevate Talent team via support@elevatetalent.ca for support and
enquiries regarding your course, attendance, assignments and grades.

Will there still be Tech Speaker and Demo Day sessions?

Unfortunately due to logistical limitations, there will be no Tech Speaker or Demo Day sessions
for this cohort.

How long will I have access to D2L?

You will have access to all your course content on D2L until the 31st August 2022.

Will I still be able to use the Elevate Talent Slack channel?

Yes, all participants will be able to communicate with each other via Slack until 31st August

When will my grades be released?

All grades will be released by the 26th August 2022.

Who should I reach out to if I have to drop out of my course?

We understand that life happens. If this is the case, please reach out to the Elevate Talent team
via support@elevatetalent.ca

Will I still receive a certificate if I finish my course?

Yes, if you successfully complete your course, you will still be eligible to receive a
micro-credential from Ontario Tech Talent.

Will my certification still be valid?

Yes. Whether you are currently pursuing a certification or have already received one, both are
valid credentials.

Who should I reach out to if I have an issue with my certification?

If you have any question or enquiries regarding your certification, please reach out to support@elevatetalent.ca

Will I still receive support in building Job Readiness skills?

Yes, you will continue to be supported by Elevate Talent Success Advisors until 22nd August 2022.

How will Elevate Talent help me find employment?

Elevate Talent remains committed to helping you find employment.
All resumes submitted to Elevate Talent will be forwarded to Ontario Employment Service Providers as well as employment partners.

Who can I speak to if I have any questions about these changes?

If you have questions about any of the above, feel free to bring them to the Friday Office Hours with Success Advisors from 12:00 - 1:30pm.

What were the program outcomes?
  • Number of participants who participated in the program =720
  • Number of cohorts/programs operationalized = 34
  • Percentage of participants who participated and self-identified with an underrepresented group = 100%
  • Number of community partners engaged = 15
  • Number of employment partners = 17
  • Number of learning partners = 8
  • Number of jobs created = 95
  • Number of jobs maintained = 80
Will Elevate Talent come back?

Right now, we have no future plans. Beyond the pilot, Elevate will continue to explore the ways that it can continue to be a leader in this space by bringing more underrepresented talent to the table in the tech and innovation sector.

Why is the program being discontinued?

The pilot has had a real and meaningful impact on hundreds of participants that have successfully gone through the program, however, as our government grant comes to an end it has proved challenging to wholly subsidize this work through the private sector.