Answers to your Most Pressing Questions

I live outside of the GTAH. Can I apply to the program?

We are only accepting participants from the GTAH (Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton) in 2021. Programs will be open to participants outside of the GTAH in 2022.

What do I need to qualify for Elevate Talent?

Our aim at Elevate Talent is to reduce as many barriers to our program as possible. If you are over the age of 16, from an underrepresented community, and have a good command of English, we invite you to connect with one of our community partners to determine which program is right for you. Some of our training programs may have specific entry requirements, but we have created an easy assessment and digital foundations course that will guide you to the right training programs.

Will I be expected to pay any fees to participate in Elevate Talent?

Elevate Talent does not cost you anything to participate aside from time and commitment to completing the program.

How do the training programs work?

Elevate Talent will offer multiple training programs. To ensure you are enrolled in the most suitable program according to your experience and technical skills, you will be required to complete a digital foundations course.

Am I able to complete more than one training program?

You may register for and complete one program in every 12-month cycle. Should this change in the future, we will provide an update via our email newsletter.

What happens if I am unable to complete a training program? Can I reapply?

If you are unable to complete the training program you register for, you will have the opportunity to reapply in the following year.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the program?

All of our training programs are co-designed with learning and/or industry partners. Each program will have a certificate or credential that is recognized by Elevate and our training partners. Programs will require the completion of an exam or assessment to receive the certificate.

How do I apply to participate in the training programs?

Applications are completed online via our community partners 

What if I don’t have access to one of the listed community partners?

We work with community partners to help us reach participants and support them through their journey with Elevate Talent. A list of our community partners is available here, and we encourage you to reach out to any that are in your neighbourhood. If none of these partners are accessible for you, please be reassured that we are adding new partners from the GTAH regularly . Sign up for our email newsletter to be notified when spots become available with new and existing community partners or when direct applications open. 

Do I need to have previous experience in tech to participate in Elevate Talent?

Not at all. All you need to participate in the program is an interest in tech, access to a laptop that is less than three years old, basic computing skills, English proficiency, and the enthusiasm and ability to complete the program. We will ensure you have everything else you need to succeed, including access to one of our Success Advisors.

How much time should I expect to spend participating in a training program?

Your journey through Elevate Talent Initiative is a 90-day process, from start to completion. Training programs typically start after two weeks of success and power skill development and last about 5 to 8 weeks depending on the intensity of the course.

Will I ever need to attend these training programs in person?

Due to COVID-19 and the current social distancing required for the safety of our participants and facilitators, all programs will take place virtually using a digital learning system. Our programs have been designed to be engaging and dynamic using a digital-first approach with online trainers and readily available support from our team at Elevate Talent, and they will continue to be offered virtually in the future.

Am I guaranteed to get a job after completing a training program?

While we cannot guarantee that you will attain a job after the training, we have built a large network of employment partners and career opportunities that are directly aligned to learning programs we offer. Our model engages employment partners in designing training programs that specifically meet their hiring needs. This allows us to offer you training programs that are directly tied to employment opportunities. You will also be paired with a Success Advisor who will be able to support your journey to employment during your time in our program.